Urrent School Finance Issues Paper [w5d7-i]

Current School Finance Issues Paper:  financing of student transportation in private school

Prepare a 1500-word on a current issue in school finance:  financing of student transportation in private school . The paper should contain an introduction, a description of the issue and should cite current research available. Include summary of the problem, your findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Grading Criteria:
Clearly addresses an issue
Current research cited
Summary of problems, findings
Conclusions and Recommendations

Format and style consistent with APA (In-text citations & references page)
Write in 3rd person only (do not use 1st/2nd person such as: I, you,meetc.)
Font: Times New Roman, Size:12
Sources should be current. (You can use more or less than 6 sources if you need.)

As you can see this is a Master level paper and it has to do with schools education and administration. Since this is a long paper I suggest to begin working on it sooner than the usual. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!