Urrent Trends and Future of Public Relations

The Task:

As a final year undergraduate student, you have been invited to write a paper for the Chief Executive of a major PR agency, as the basis for securing a year long internship. Your report should explore
a) The impact of a trend within public relations practice
b) An issue as it may impact on PR and the future of the discipline in its broadest sense.

The report should identify the issue(s), explore the reasons for the issues coming about, the problems that confront the public relations professional as a result. You should make suggestions for strategies that may be deployed in order to overcome these problems, to the benefit of the public relations professional operating in this change environment.

Whilst addressing PR practice, you should seek to demonstrate the validity of academic theory and debates to such practice.

The impact of specific issues on the profession of PR should be critically analysed, and original thinking demonstrated in strategies suggested. Ther report should conclude with specific predictions for the future of two-way communication.

You should agree your topic in advance with your seminar tutor, and it should give you scope to explore content of significant difference to your final project.

Additional Details:

The chosen topic is Social Media and Celebrities

Discuss what the trend is
The impact the trend has
The positive and negative aspects
How the trend meets celebrity objectives (helps increase celebs profiles amongst public etc.)
Challenges for the industry/trend (lack of privacy for celeb, info dispersed quickly eg. twitter, less control over info provided to fans etc.)
Strategies that can be implemented to avoid these issues

Any other relevant points may be included also.