Urrent Trends in Education Research Paper The Role of Physical Education in Schools”

Since this is a research paper, each paper should include parenthetical references within the body of the paper as well as a final bibliography. Students should utilize correct APA Style for documentation of references. The purpose of the research paper is to explore the topic of your choice and provide information about it using factual sources.

Remember: proper research writing does not include the authors opinion, is written in third person narrative (not first), and presents a balanced and factual discussion of the topic.

must have 5-7 scholarly research sources cited. (newspapers are NOT scholarly resources)! Please remember: scholarly resources do not include newspapers, popular magazines and some internet web sites. You may use electronic resources for your paper, but please make sure they are reliable scholarly websites and not simply a website promoting one individuals opinion, or one perspective for an organization or agency. Make sure the website provides documentation for all facts and information cited on the website.