Urrent/Historical Events research paper

Select recent(which occured between May1, 2008 and the present) substantial local,state, national or international news story from reputable print or internet source (do not use wikipedia). Historical event event chosen as basis of comparison may be from any period and place in history.

Write a typed, double spaced paper of 11 or 12 point font. Length is to be no less than two full pages and no more than three pages. Sources used for information must be annotated within paper in MLA format.

Citation of source of information described must be cited appropriately within or at end each paragraph containing facts or other information not of general public knowlege.
Tone of the paper remain formal and objective. You are not to argue a side in the paper. Remain objective throughout, reporting facts and issues within the prescribed paragraph format.

Third page, Work citation page must included at back of paper. MLA format is required. Minimum two sources required

Introductory paragraph:

Makes brief and general reference to both current and historical events(do not provide too much detail in introduction). Include a Thesis statement of the one sentence which includes specific mention of both the current and historical events and explains in a general way, how these events are similiar to one another.
The purpose of the thesis and the paper itself is to show similarities, not differences between the current and historical events, in what important the ways they are alike.

Following paragraph:

Describes either the current or historical event in one or more paragraphs, than describe the other event.

Do not mix developmental current and historical event information in the same paragraph.
Include all information in developing each event which eventually be discessed as basis for comparisons between the two events. Be sure to provide enough context for both events to make them understandable and be sure to cite sources of information appropriately in MLA form.

Connection paragraph:

A seperate paragraph follows the developmental paragraphs in which specific information developed above is brought together to connect the current and historical events by showing the specific similarities between them. No new details should be included in describing these similarities. Such afterthe -fact information will be penalized as representing poor organisation. You should not cite any additional sources in this paragraph.

Conclusion paragraph

Again seperate paragraph is needed. Do not combine the function of connection paragraph with that of coclusion. Conclusion paragraph, likewise should contain no new details, no information not previously developed either in developmental paragraphs or brought together in connection paragraph directly above. Merely summarized main ideas discussed and developed and make any observations warranted by previous information. Do not make sweeping, undocumented generalizations here or at any part of paper.