Urriculum Development for Inclusive Education

Assignment Brief
Develop a scheme of work for an Esol programme and evaluate its effectiveness in providing inclusive learning opportunities for Esol learners. Include the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
This assignment comprises two interrelated elements:
a? A course description and scheme of work (SOW) for a short course or part of a longer course of at least 20 hours.
a? A rationale for the design of the proposed short course, which should demonstrate your understanding of inclusive learning.

1. Course Description and Scheme of Work (200 words)
My chosen theme is Employability. For this theme the requirements are to write a brief Course Description and to create a Scheme of Work for the duration of the short course of 20 hours. The level of this scheme of Work is at Esol Entry 3.

2. The Rationale (2500 words)
This is the second stage and requires 2,500 words which justifies the conceptualization of the short course you have planned. It should comprise a review and analysis of curriculum models, pedagogy theory, theories of language and literacy acquisition and methods and approaches which reflect these. These should go together with a justification which explains why you have designed and planned the short course in the way you have and how the course promotes inclusive learning. This should cover:
a? The context you are designing the course for (e.g. the organisational context and type of learner group, family learning, learning support for vocational course etc). Explain how the scheme of work is appropriate for learners in that context, by referring to the cultural, social and economic context of the target group for the course.
a? The theoretical basis on which the Scheme of work has been formed, e.g. and learning theories and curriculum models that have influenced your decisions
a? How you used your knowledge of language and literacy systems and /or the core curriculum framework to develop the SOW
a? The role of resources and information and ICT within your short course
a? How you addressed issues of equality, diversity and inclusiveness in the scheme of work
a? Any other significant issue

3. Evaluation (300 words)
Evaluate the scheme of work in the light of your understanding of learning contexts, learning theories and inclusive practice.

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