Urther research into religions. (Be sure to cite your sources!)

Further research into religions. (Be sure to cite your sources!)

You can do this in one of two major ways. The first is simply to do more research on a topic that is part of the course. (Check the detailed table of contents or your power point slides for some specific possibilities.) For example, there are many more specific beliefs in forms of life after death than we cover in the course. Check out anthropological sources to discover the beliefs of four or five other cultures than the ones we cover, summarize them, noting any similarities and differences, and relating them to categories used in the course. The second major way of doing research into religions is to visit a religious location that is new to you, such as a synagogue, mosque, or Hindu temple. Through the visit you need to find a way to also become more informed about the religious beliefs and practices of the relevant tradition. Students from China, Arabic countries, or elsewhere might want to explore movements in their own cultures(chinese).