Ustave Moreau Salome Dancing Before Herod

The painting is located here: p-moreau14.htm

The final essay must accomplish three central tasks.These can be either separate sections of your essay, or be incorporated throughout, though the essay must work as a coherent whole with a guiding thesis. These tasks are:

1. Place the work in its historical context a In your essay, you must demonstrate familiarity with the time period of the work, and its place in the currents of art history as well as the social or cultural history of the period in which it was created.
2. Provide a detailed formal description and analysis of the work a You cannot assume that your readers will be familiar with the piece or have access to it. You must describe the work in detail, including analyzing what is going on in the work, including issues of technique and style.
3. Make a claim about the overall significance of the work a In a real sense, this is the ultimate goal of your essay and should be the core of the thesis that guides what you are trying to say. You must do more than just describe the piece, you must try to make some larger point about the piece, either for the period, for contemporary art, or for your own work. In this sense, you can make it a personal essay, though not in the sense of your general impression of the work, but about the significance it may have for you in your own field of artistic production if such a claim is appropriate.