Ustom essay writer! Please see assignment criteria to choose one essay question. thank you

To the writer at custom essays, please feel free to choose anyone of the following topics below: Which ever one you think you can perform better on and PLEASE try to get me a B* D

Essay topics:

Choose from ONE of the following topics:

1. To what extent do we live in a post-ideological age where the terms left, right and centre are

2. Is liberal democracy a contradiction in terms?

3. To what extent is conservatism a pragmatic ideology?

4. Is there a future for socialism?

5. Is it possible to reconcile cosmopolitanism with nationalism?

6. Why and how have feminists challenged conventional notions of politics?

7. To what extent is ecologism a radical ideology?

Specific Assessment criteria: You should:
1.demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts and issues relevant to the essay you are writing.

2.demonstrate an understanding of and use of key texts and other sources relevant to the essay.

3. Show an ability to analyse (rather than just describe) data, complex argument and distinguish analysis from assertion.

4.Write with clarity and conciseness.

All coursework must conform to the following standards:
1. A proper apparatus of citations, and a bibliography, must be included using the Harvard intext citation system. Written work which does not contain references or citations will be marked down accordingly.
2. Double-spaced (or at least 1.5 line-spacing), font Times New Roman point 12 or an equivalent size and stapled. Do not use plastic wallets for essays.
3. Be reasonably within the given word-limit: i.e. not more than 10% above or below; work that is not will be marked down. Please include the word count at the end of written work.

Important notice: its a 2000 word essay but if you could add 50 more words to 1750 i would really appreciate it