Ustomer and Market Profile The Mobile Mechanic”

The Mobile Mechanicis a new serving project consists of fully equipped mobile cars van type that provides quick car service. Changing oil, air filters, check and changing batteries and, finally check and fix the tires.A 
A  A  A Our first target customers are the organizations and companies. We may have contracts with the company for all the employees who owns cars to come at their workplace and do the car service during their working hours.A 

Vehicle used in the project:
A  A  A 
List of the basic equipment and supplies:

1: 200 L. Horizontal air compressor.

2: 100L. Oil suction machine.

3: Tools box.

4: Jack stand.

5: Tire repair kit.

6: Tires pressure gauge:

7: Booster cables.

8: Plastic drums for water and wasted oil.

9: Road barriers.

10: Special uniform for the workers.


Electricity adapter.

Battery detector:

puling wire:

storage shelves:

Trash can:

Vacuuming machine :

oils and filters for several cars:


Distilled water:

Air coolant water:

Market segment.

The target market that we are focusing on is the organizations and companies in general.
Signing contracts with the employees who are willing to be a part of our business success. The advantage for the customers is the convenience of having the car taking care of during the working hours, so the employee does not have to worry about the time to drive the car back and forth to the garage.

the Marketing Plan:
The Customer and Market Profile
Before you can come up with your marketing strategy, you need to have a solid knowledge of your target market. For this part of the assignment, you are to construct an in-depth understanding of your customer and the market within which you will sell your product. You are to hand in this part of the project at beginning of class.It is to be no more than 8 typed, double-spaced pages, 12 point font (not including appendices).