Ustomer Engagement Management in Spa Industry

Please make a reference from the book a?Customer Service-Career Success through Customer Loyalty, Fifth Edition by Paul R. Timma?,
Service at the Donut Shop
Early one morning, Harry found himself hungry, alone, and lost in the land of no customer service as he stumbled into a donut shop. It was a rainy, gray morning and he was tired. Cars were parked at odd angles because the lines on the lot had long ago faded. The parking lot was dirty and the trashcans overflowed.
Inside were disorganized lines of people, most wearing parkas, waiting to buy donuts. There appeared to be no systematic way of serving customers. The bold one stepped up and demanded service, while the more timid (or courteous) hoped for attention from the clerk. Harry waited for about seven minutes as the two clerks repeatedly took orders, disappeared into the back room, reappeared, and took peoples money. All along Harry observed the uncleared, coffee-stained counter where he soon will sit to eat his donut. It had not been cleared recently, and it apparently was not going to be cleared now. Customers groaned, as he advertised two-for-one sale did not apply if customer ordered donuts of different prices, the clerks explained with bored and unsmiling expressions.
Harry noticed a middle aged women (could she be the manager?) sitting on a crate just outside the back door smoking a cigarette and reading a tabloid newspaper. She seemed oblivious to the dismal scene in the shop.
Harry finally reached the head of the line and came face to face with a 17-year a old girl who had been condemned to serve him. Something in her 17-yearold face told him that all was not well in the services economy. Harry asked her how she liked her job. She looked him straight in the eye and said, a?It sucks!a?
1. Assume you are the owner of this donut shop. What would you do? What specific behaviors would you seek to change?
2. Focus on the problems of slow service. What could be done, specifically, to improve this?
3. To what extent might the slow service be a source of employee irritation and dissatisfaction?
4. Please also reflect on your spa and give some information how you could deal with slow service in your spa (example from the spa industry). Thank you.