Problem 2 : ( one page)
The outcomes of technical innovations are expected to be beneficial, but may turn out to actually be negative. The law
of unintended consequences states that technological solutions to problems may yield predicted positive outcomes, but
frequently result in undesired, often negative, outcomes. Side effect of technology, however, should be distinguished
from a revenge effect: side effects are trade-offs, whereas revenge effects are unintended, negative consequences.
Revenge effects happen because people interact with new devices or systems in ways impossible to foresee.

Write a short essay (1-1.5 page) to discuss how the issues described above may apply to your product, by describing a
problem you were trying to address (and how it was satisfied), and both the potential sideand revenge effects. Discuss
the context of your primary and secondary markets (will intended use be the same?). Comment on the severity of these
unintended consequences; would they require a separate solutions of their own?
Note: teams can discuss this issue as a group, but writing has to be done separately and independently.

Problem 3 ( one page)
Write a short summary (1-1.5 page) on the environmental impact of the product that your team is developing over its
for this part i will upload a powerpoint file so you can take a look at the product and use some of the names for each part.