Ustomer-Oriented Strategic Plan And Issues or Opportunities

Text, Heath care market strategy: From planning to action: (2004) Jones & Bartlett
1. Chapter 1: Strategy Development and the Strategic Mind-Set
i § This Chapter discusses important characteristics of a good strategy and explains how an organization can do an effective market-based business planning.
2. Chapter 2: Outlining the Marketing Planning Process
i § This chapter outlines the differences between strategic plan and market-based business plan and distinguishes between a market-based approach and a non-marketing based approach.

1.Customer-Oriented Strategic Plan

In the business world, successful businesses listen to their customersa voices and strive to provide exceptional customersa services. This practice may not be widely accepted in the healthcare industry. Articulate at least two customer-oriented elements when developing a strategic plan for a 250-bed community hospital.

2. Issues or Opportunities

There are 20 key issues listed by the American Hospital Association. Please select two issues from the list and present them as two marketing related opportunities to a healthcare related organization. Make sure you describe the type of healthcare organization in your response.
1. American Hospital Association. (2012). Key Issues. Retrieved from

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