Ustomer Relationship Management and its implication to the Information Flow and Business Strategy

Please prepare a report on CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT application. It should include 2 main sections. The first explicitly deals with the impact of the application on information use and the second section should explore the potential consequences of the application for business strategy. Conceptual models as appropriate (e.g. the social-technical approach) to frame the discussion should be used. Peer reviewed research that has been carried out in organisations to support the arguments particularly in discussion of business strategy should be used. The discussion should cover the range of issues in the Information management and system strategy and specifically highlight :

1.The changes to information flows, and
2.How this change may affect business strategy

The conclusion should indicate what actions the organisation might take to make the most effective use of the application. The report must be fully referenced using the Harvard system.

The report should not focus on the application specifically but using the application as a mechanism to consider wider issues. A possible format for the report may follow the structure below :

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Impact on Information Flows
4. Impact on Business Strategy
5. Conclusions
6. References

Example in the report should used UK based company thus UK based writer is prefered.