Ustomer Relationship Management and Technology

In this assignment you are required to apply your knowledge and understanding in Customer Relationship Management and Technology (CRMT) by conducting a detail case study of your choice in the area. The case study should focus on a company, a project, a product/service, or some issue in CRMT which will be of general interest to the CRM community. Preferably, the case will contain both CRM and technology elements. Sample areas of interest can be found in the Appendix. If you have any question about the appropriateness of a case, you can send me the information and I will provide you my advice.

The case study should be a real case. It may be in your organization, a friendas organization, or some publicly known case. An important consideration should be that you have access to (or able to find) reasonably detail information on the case to permit a critical analysis in some depth. If necessary the organization concerned can remain anonymous in your report, but you should inform of its actual identity. Also the case does not have to be related to a very large project, but should provide interesting illustrations to concepts, ideas, applications or perspectives in the study of CRMT.
The major criteria for assessment will be similar to the previous assignment:
a? The quality of analysis of the case/problem/issue concerned
a? The level of understanding in the CRM issues/technologies/industries involved as demonstrated by the report
a? The quality of references (which should include academic references)
a? The quality of organization and presentation of materials
Your report should be at least 2500 words long. The paper should be handed-in by 24th April 2011 in both hard copy and soft copy form (word or pdf format).

Topics as appear in [CRM]:

a? Planning and implementing customer relationship management projects
a? Developing, managing and using customer-related databases
a? Customer portfolio management
a? Customer relationship management and customer experience
a? Creating value for customers
a? Managing the customer life cycle: customer acquisition, customer retention and customer development
a? Managing networks for customer relationship management performance
a? Managing supplier and partner relationships
a? Managing investor and employee relationships
a? Information technology for customer relationship management
a? Sales-force automation
a? Marketing automation
a? Service automation
a? Organizational issues and customer relationship management