Ustomer relationship management for Spotify music download (UK)

Look at the case study and general background reseach…

Remember to
-Research the market place for music download sites/providers
-Draft analysis linked to the perhaps the key elements of the Buttle model and others.
How your CRM might benefit Spotify?
-Look Models throughout the slides and apply to spotify.
-Demonstrate factual evidence and applying the models
-Sketching out Buttle 2004 model
-Reference to authors
-Spotify aims to make money through selling music
-Subscription mean no advertising pop up
-Performing rights societyduty to extract feeas from anyone paying music to the performer
-Album sales going downIllegal copying of music files
-Look at their competitorsT Tunes and Amazon
-Identify who our customers are? How we can develop customer value?
-proportion of 43% are under 24 meaning 57% are over. Dont pre judge that the customers are the younger generation only for music.
-Need 20% of customers to subscribe
-we need to build relationships over a period of time
-Some customers will pay for extra value proposition
-By adding value, you are encouraging customers for an example some background history or picture and not just the music only
-Think about customer portfolio analysis. Think about how successful you would be if you have more information on customers and not just name.
-What is the purpose of the business?
-How do they interact with their customers? Can it be improved?
-how can they improve those services?
Online customers are important and want to keep as much as possible. How can we build those relationships? Even if you are running a network?
-Recommendation for improvements? what needs to be done? How we make things different and better for customer?
-What went wrong compare to competitors?

Models to be applied to spotify Music download
a? 30 relationship (Gummesson, E 1999)
a? Customer value chain by (Buttle 2004) (on slide week2)
a? CRM strategy framework (Payne, 2006 p39)
a? The six market domains (Payne et al 1995) (week2)
a? Distribution networks (After Ford et al 2002) (on week11)
a? CRM 4 key stages (Perppers + Roggers 1999)
a? Personalised and mass (IDIC model) (Peppers and Rogger) (on slide week9)
a? Gaps model of service quality (Parasuraman) (on slide week 10)
a? Customer commitment and the loyalty ladder (Christopher et a 1995) (slide week1)