Ustomer satisfaction through employees empowerment in hospitality industry

Please find bellow the project outline.
Kindly note that references should be APA format and using peer reviewed journal articles. The topic i have chosen is: How does employee motivation effect customer satisfaction
Please also write this essay with a moderate level of english, ensuring that it is straight to the point and structured properly.
Could you also use the following two academic articles that have been attached as well.

Relevant academic literature discussing essential concepts, theories or models related to the chosen topic should be then reviewed. At least 10 relevant academic peer reviewed articles should be discussed in the literature section. From this literature review, a single focused research question has to be identified. Students should critically compare 3 research methodologies in 3 existing academic articles that answer the research question.
The comparative review should highlight weaknesses and strengths of each design, including aspects of validity and reliability, trustworthiness etc… of the research outcomes.
the student will then make a motivated selection of one design that could be used for undergraduate dissertation work. The motivation should take into account the limitations of student research (e.g. limited time & resources, knowledge, access to data etc…).