Ustomer service: design of service concept.

Discuss critically with appropriate SM2037 academic underpinnings, the salient issues addressing the following scenario:
An Italian restaurant operates a chain of 26 full-service restaurants located near shopping malls and high streets. Known for providing excellent service, the restaurants serves high-quality Italian cuisine made from fresh ingredients. Looking for expansion opportunities, management considers launching a new chain of lower-cost, limited-menu restaurants. The new outlets will be located along busy county exits in the region and will serve outstanding Italian food at reasonable prices to both travellers and local residents. Management is concerned that a poor customer experience at these new outlets could tarnish the companys well-established and successful restaurant brand. The management team asks YOU to develop the concept and to create a service operating strategy for the new outlets.A 
Indicative Response:

Introduction:a?a?Some aspects of what is fast food and the importance of customers to such businesses. The importance of customer retention and customer loyalty. Evidence of appropriate citation.
a?Literature Review:
a?The importance of service concept and to operationalise it, the importance of having thought through appropriate service operating strategies. Much depends on what service concept(s) student opts for. Ideally, the studenta?might want to show a service concept for each market segment. Or the student shows how the same service concept works for both market segment.
a?Whichever option(s) student chooses, there must be evidence of appropriate academic underpinning.a?a?Analysis, Connections, Evaluation
a?Building from the literature review, the student is supposedly armed with the necessary information to make an informed analysis and evaluation and these are to be presented in a coherent and concise manner, showinga?understanding of SM20387 issues in relation to the context at hand, illustrating a complete response to the task.a?a?There must have evidence of supporting underpinning.
a?Recommendationsa?a?That must ideally arrive from the write-up from the previous sections of the students write-up. Baseline, it must relate to the task at hand and plausible.
a?You might encourage them to place a table with the salient issues that encapsulates the students analysis and evaluation:
a?Service Delivery A  Operations Strategy Service Concept A  A Market Segmenta?
a?Researcha?a?There must be appropriate evidence where all (ideally) the bulk of the contents is sourced from.

Referencing Requirements:
20 references are needed at least 3/4 must be academic journals