Ustomer Service-Gathering Customer Information-Repost

Respond to Alyssa post, giving positive feedback. Answer in 10-15 sentences. Here is what she said: Now a days you dont really get people asking for your personal information in store, however they do ask you to fill out their customer service survey and sometimes they ask for your personal information. But there is one thing most all companies have now that can access a much more high risk security breach. Companies accept credit/debit cards, it takes in the customers information and then they can access it later, or someone on the outside can hack into their systems and those customers become highly vulnerable to identity theft. I am one of the few people who would still prefer cash, I never really liked debit cards, but they are becoming such a huge fad. So I dont like the epidemic of cards and it is a major breach in privacy but everyone is consenting to it when they swipe their card.