Ustomer Service Management in Supply Chain

The skills you are asked to develop and report upon can include:

Planning and organisation, including time management
Team work
Communication and presentation skills
Analytical skills

In your report you should say WHICH skills were needed, WHEN they were necessary, HOW you developed them (including experience of failures) and WHAT you have learned about your skills competencies. You also need to show that you have consulted appropriate texts and articles on skills development.

You must also
- emphasize the importance of customer service as a means of delivering customer value through improved efficiency and effectiveness, and in turn contributing to increased satisfaction for both immediate and downstream customers in a supply chain.

- Examine the role of customer service in SCM from three perspectives  as a management activity, as a set of performance outcomes, and in terms of customer responses to service outcomes.

- Highlight the evolution in customer service research from an internal focus on management activity to an external focus on creating customer value

- Point out the importance of developing appropriate customer service strategies and highlight various approaches to strategy development, emphasizing key elements of strategy important in a supply chain context

- Discuss the importance of customer segmentation to identify and deliver elements of customer service that are important to strategic customers

- Point out the importance of managing the customer service interface to enhance the quality of the relationship and facilitate information exchange with customers that can contribute to improve supply chain performance

- Differentiate between customer service performance outcomes as perceived and measured by supplier and as perceived by the customer

- Highlight the contribution of perceived customer service outcomes to the creation of customer value and satisfaction.

Font size of Ariel 12 to be used, Harvard referencing mandatory. Copies of references used are to be submitted upon completion of this report. 20 references needed. Strictly no plagiarism. The order must be written in a report format.

Information on the organisation as follows.

Name of organisation: ABC company
Staff strength: 7 people
Area the customer service person handles:
1 person for China
1 person for India
1 person for Taiwan, Hong Kong
1 person for ASEAN
1 person for Korea
1 manager and 1 director
If any of the staff is on leave or on medical leave, there is a buddy system where another staff will back this person up.

10 toll free lines: Singapore, China, India, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong

3 Global services centers: USA, Europe and Singapore

Department goal: Provide total solution in order and logistics management  order inquiry, order status, sample request, initiate debit/credit note, return authorization etc   ONE contact DOES IT ALL

System used for order entry and delivery:
1) WOMS  Worldwide Order Management system
2) WMS  Warehouse management system

System used to track strategic customers requests:
PSP  Platinum Service Program

All order will be entered and acknowledged within 24hrs

Key Performance Indicators reports:
1) PTS report, Problem tracking system, used to track service complaints from the customers on a monthly basis. All service entries are to be resolved and closed within 14 days.

2) Purchase order / Purchase order line items report, used to track how many purchaser orders and line items were entered in the system on a monthly basis by each customer service representative.

3) Invoice / Invoice lines report, used to track how many invoices and line items were generated on a monthly basis by each customer service representative.

4) On time delivery report, used to measure the on time delivery variance if any by using the CRSD (customer request ship date) and the PSD (promised ship date), on a monthly basis

5) VOIP phone report, used to track how many inbound, outbound, talk time, hold time and duration per call made by the customer service representative.

Web base software for customer to check inventory themselves via the net

Training for the customer service representative includes in-house training, web base training and external training.

A customer service personnel handbook will be given to the new hire if any, to better understand the flow in customer service department.

Customer service department serves internal department such as sales department by provide a weekly back orders report to them so that they are aware of the orders that are yet to be shipped. They also work with the product and marketing department closely on new product launch.

Voice survey, which is a yearly customer service survey conducted to find out the service level of the company.

Please contact me via this portal if you need more information about the company.