Ustomer Service Operations & Excellence


For this task you are require to do a service process of the The Edge restaurant (UEL DOCKLANDS CAMPUS). as your service process and please be sure to:

a? 1 Clearly identify the Service Package of The Edge.
a? 2 Create a Service Blueprint for The Edge identifying failure points.
a? 3 Conduct a Walk Through Audit (WTA) of The Edge.
a? 4 Discuss Gap Analysis and apply to The Edge.
a? 5Discuss how service quality is determined based upon the five dimensions of quality and give examples from The Edge.
a? 6 Discuss how technology could be used at The Edge to improve its customer service.
a? 7 Create a new Service Blueprint for The Edge based on your proposed improvements and provide a short concluding paragraph (100 200 words) identifying the improvements you suggest and how the theory learnt in this module has informed your proposals.

This is 2000 piece work. I can support slides to help understand the theory and a reading list. I know its on a specific place ( the edge, uel campus). So info is limited so Im not sure a writer will find much on it. I have come across a web page which gives details about the restaurant which maybe helpful.