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This is what the discussion was about, you will give positive feedback to a classmates reponse on this. A class mate had to describe a time when they felt like they were not being listened to and, as a result there needs were not meet. Keep answer to 15-20 sentences. Here is Corys reponse: I just recently went through a bunch of crap with Carrabin Cruise lines, me and my wife we st to go on a cruise to the Bahamas back in march. We bought the tickets and paid for a room with an upgrade from a standard room to a room with a view and a queen bed. The ship leaved from west palm beach FL. my wife and I live in Tampa FL. which is about 4 hours from the port where the ship will be leaving. So we get to the ship and get on board and woo our room we open the doot to literally a small closet with two beds that fold down from the wall like bunk beds. We immediatley walk out and off the ship to find out what happened to our upgrad lond story short they did not confirm the upgrade form the beginning and they didnt have any available to move us too so we didnt go on the cruise, we aksed them to refund our money and it is now July and we are still fighting with Carrabin Cruise Lines to get our money. We have checked with the BBB and they have a F rating becaue of the bull shit service and them robbing people for the hard earned money like they did us.