Ustomer ServiceLeadership in Action-Repost

Respond to Alyssa post on this subject, answer with one short paragraph. Here is what Alyssa posted, When you are younger they always seem to ask, what so you want to be when you grow up, and who do you look up to. My response when I was younger was my sister because she didnt have any kids. Well as I got older I understood what they were asking, which was more of who do you aspire to be like? When I decided I wanted to go to school (the first time) I told my mom I wanted to move down here (to Florida) because this is where my aunt an uncle reside. My aunt and uncle have perfect credit, no kids, and spend money every weekend. My aunt works at a doctors office and my uncle is retired from the Coast Guard. I knew they would keep me on my toes. They are not your typical husband and wife, my uncle cooks and my aunt watches sports (she yells louder than him when her team loses) But they are amazing leaders. In learning everyday chores just by living with them, my aunt also wanted to teach me how to budget. I never understood the reasoning behind budgeting but now that my fiance and I were offered to by our home. Im starting to understand. Ive nocticed that even though I have been out of their house for some years now. I still hold on to certain things. Stability is what I crave, because I see how they live. They dont know it but they are my idols, my inspiration.