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I am having difficulty starting to write my dissertation. I need a couple of pages for an introduction and the following items discussed:

Intro 2 pages, then
Statement of the Problem
This should include (a) a clear statement that the problem exists, (b) evidence that supports the existence of the problem, (c) evidence of an existing trend that has led to the problem, (d) definitions of major concepts and terms (this can be provided below in a sub-section), (e) a clear description of the setting, (f) probable causes related to the problem, and (g) a specific and feasibly statement. Specific subtopics may include the following.
The topic. This is a brief description of the proposed area of study.
The research problem. This is an area of conflict, concern, or controversy (a gap between what is wanted and what is observed).
Background and justification. Provide evidence from the literature and experience showing that the problem exists and the relevance. Include at least two references.
Deficiencies in the evidence. Include a brief discussion that details the area of need in relation to the problem and the deficiency or lack of evidence in the literature.
Audience. Discuss who is affected and who benefits.
Definition of Terms
Term or variable. Provide the complete scientific definition and appropriate reference if necessary. Include as many terms or variables as needed.
Purpose of the Study
a?The purpose of this study is . . .a?

I will upload what I have already (which is very limited). I have not even formulated an exact title for my research. Feel free to change the title as well. My plan is to look at the finished intro work and then proceed to pay for the remainder of the entire disseration if I like this introduction. Please contact me anytime if you need questions answered about what i am trying to research.