Utural Barriers in International Business

In this paper, I want to indentify and discuss business management issues pertaining to business culture, business social situations and business customs in Saudi Arabia compared to the United States.

a. The research paper is to be 8-10 pages long, double-spaced, plus a title page and references page. The abstract WILL count as one of the 8-10 pages, as will one page of the References. Every source on the References page MUST be referenced in the paper and every source referenced in the paper MUST appear on the References page. DO NOT pad the paper with an excessive number of references in an effort to reduce the number of actual pages of written text in the body of the paper.
b. The paper is to be submitted to Turnitin; overall text-match for the paper in Turnitin report is to be no more than 35% with the references page excluded. This does not mean that you are free to plagiarize up to 35% of the paper! It means that you may use properly cited quotations, as appropriate, in your paper.
c. The paper is to be based on research and the sources must be cited properly using APA style, a references page and parenthetical citations throughout the paper (minimum of one or two citations per paragraph excluding the introduction and conclusion).
d. Material borrowed verbatim (word-for-word) from resources must appear in quotation marks or in an APA-style blockquote format; (for details on APA quoting, see
e. A minimum of five (5) references (separate resources) must be used in writing the paper and research resources will be limited to those available on the Internet (no Internet accessible books) and may be no more than five (5) years old. Subtopics to be used:

Subtopic 1: Religion
Subtopic 2: Private space and other body languages such as gestures
Subtopic 3: Gender differences (How women are treated in business?)
Subtopic 4: Business meeting; pace of business discussions
Subtopic 5: Language
Subtopic 6: Negotiations

Please use info from websites provided plus one of your own to make 5. If any other websites are used please provide direct link

Source 1 title of article: Business and social customs in Saudi Arabia
Date of publication (if available): basics_business_student.php?id178
Source 2 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path):

Source 3 title of article: Women in Business in Saudi Arabia
Date of publication (if available): Saudi-Arabian-Business-Communication-Style.html
Source 4 URL (must link directly to the article or show the path):