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Futures and Innovation
Assignment Briefing Sheet 2009-10

Assignment 2  Design and Innovation

4 March 2010

When submitting work for assessment, students should be aware of the UAL guidance and regulations in concerning plagiarism. All submissions should be your own, original work.

You must submit an electronic copy of your work. If you fail to do so your work will not be graded. Please check that your electronic copy has your work on it.

The Harvard Referencing System must be used. Failure to provide a reference s section and failure to complete the student feedback sheet will result in your work being referred. The Wikipedia website must not be referenced in your work.

On successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:

1 Critically appraise design theory

2 Appreciate the centrality of design for innovation

3 Apply design concepts to contemporary production, social and environmental problems

4 Demonstrate awareness of manufacturing and financial constraints

On successful completion of this assignment you will have achieved the following skills:

A Communication Skills; B Problem Solving; C Creative and Critical Thinking; H Research Skills.

Refer to your Course Handbook under Key Skills for a full explanation of these.

Please see separate Assignment Grading Criteria 2009-10 sheet for this Assignment.

The UK s Design Council s states  Our mission is to inspire and enable the best use of design to make the UK a more competitive, creative and sustainable nation.

One of their objectives as published in  The Good Design Plan (National design strategy and Design Council delivery plan 2008-11 is [to] build the UK s capacity to innovate and deliver world-class brands, products and services by supporting the effective use of design in business and the public sector.

Despite the Design Council s help and advice there is a reluctance by some UK businesses to encompass the benefits of design. The Council can however, demonstrate numerous cases of innovative design tacking existing and future markets making a commercial difference to the well being of the business, in some cases reversing downward market trends.

Simply Convince UK businesses to use design.

Complete a Report that focuses on UK and world-wide examples demonstrating best/effective use of design for the future, using innovative ideas and concepts and includes:
1 Tracking changes and developments
2 Effects of social changes and their impact on the future
3 Role of technology and its implications
4 Global marketplace and its consumption
5 Sustainability issues

You can choose one specific area  eg product design, or a mix of design disciplines eg graphic design, interior design, furniture design etc or encompass as many design disciplines as you like.

Students can also focus their delivery based on their own course specialisms.

The report needs to add value and build on your presentation; importantly this should not just be a repetition of your presentation. It should add the detail therefore this is an opportunity to concentrate on  writing an information/visually led report that covers the above 5 requirements.

This is an individual assignment and not a group assignment.

1 1,500 words
2 The use of visual examples is encouraged
3 The report needs to follow  Assignment Guidelines  Report Writing
4 A very high standard of Harvard is also required as a  norm

Submit your Report with 2 completed copies of Assignment Feedback Sheet 2009-10 (one will be used a  receipt and returned to you [Faculty of Media students only; Faculty of Design students follow your Faculty hand in procedure.])