Uture IT Trends of Indonesia and its implication on the countrys economic growth

The question of the Essay is : Analyze the Future IT Trends of Indonesia and the implication it has on the countrys Economic Growth

Essay should focus on analyzing the Future IT Trends of the world as a whole, narrowed to Asia, then to Indonesia as relevantly as possible. Then continue on to the implication these trends have on Indonesias Economic growth (Infrastructure, Inward Foreign Direct Investment, and or anythign related to a countrys economic growth, etc)

Demonstrate your knowledge of the subject by:
Defining any terms that you use.
Explaining associated theories, concept and ideas.
Showing why the subject is important.

No less than 10 relevant sources of information.
Journals, reliable internet sources, reports and any books as the basis for arguments.
Materials used should be up-to-date within last five years.
No Plagiarism.