Uture municipal financial viability in Canada

Over the last decade, numerous essays and positions have been expressed about ways to ensure future municipal financial viability. Recent articles in the news identify that many municipalities are experiencing municipal shortfalls due to decreasing tax revenues and sudden reductions in investment income as a result of the current recession. This has resulted in calls to other orders of government to provide additional financial support to municipalities.

Your assignment is to write an essay of no less than 750 and no more than 1,000 words indicating if you feel that municipal financial viability is an issue and what strategies should be employed to ensure the financial viability needs of either your municipality or a type of municipality in your province. Are there other issues, strategies and approaches that should be considered?

Your paper is to have a standard form of analysis with the topic and the thesis (the question with which you are dealing) stated in the first paragraph. In the main body of the paper, present your data and arguments and cite any supporting readings or other materials. In your conclusion, please state whether you have adequately confirmed your thesis (answered the question you posed in the first paragraph or not).