Uture of Education in the United States Power Point

Create a presentation, using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint (minimum of 5 slides) that summarizes the key points of the SCA1 research paper. General guidelines for creating an academic PowerPoint presentation are included in the attached Web site. Include the following in your slides:

A. Content
1. Title that relates to the SCA1 research paper
2. Definition and description of the key findings from the research project
3. Supporting evidence of vision
4. Potential criticisms of vision
5. Conclusions supported by reliable research
6. At least one non-text visual that clarifies and enhances the presentation that supports or is related to the topic of the paper

B. Technical Aspects

1. Color continuity
2. Simple fonts
3. Information in bulleted statements of eight words or fewer
4. No periods, question marks, or exclamation points