Uture of Education in the United States

Explain your current thinking about the future of education in the United States. Construct a thesis/problem statement that gives your paper focus and direction and identifies the open-ended problem you will address in the body of your paper
D. Present a detached and balanced view of the evidence for the future of education (from literature previously reviewed in this course). Present evidence for at least five of the influencing aspects listed above.
Teachers and Standards
High Stakes Assessments
Special Education
Public Policy
Diversity and Inclusion

E. Present at least two different perspectives on the five influencing aspects you presented in D.

F. Aspects that influence education:

Explore the complexities of the open-ended problem you identified in the introduction. Provide a clear and ordered discussion of the problem and its implications to the future of education.
Discuss connections between at least five of the different aspects listed above. Demonstrate how those factors will influence education in the future.
G. Discuss in detail the underlying assumptions and quality of information or evidence relevant to the different perspectives presented.

H. Provide logical reasoning within your given perspective/vision of the open-ended problem and address potential criticisms of your perspective/view.

I. Create an APA format reference list.