Uture of Human Factors in Aviation (capstone proposal) revised

i need the capstone proposal you wrote revised as instructed by my professor

this is what he wrote to me

Tharaka, you received some favorable feedback from the university reviewer, but it is not yet approved, as there needs to be detailed, specific sources listed (See the feedback from reviewer).

The attached proposal is well written, good info in the P/Os, however, some of the P/Os do not list specific sources of information that will be used in the students research. See the quote below from the White Paper”, pay specific attention to the Note”.

4. From what sources the student expects he or she will be able to obtain the information in Objective, a¦to successfully accomplish Objective for each PO?

Note: It is important that the student provides sufficient detail in the proposal regarding these objectives to provide the intended insight.

As an example, a student statement such as:
a?a¦information will be obtained from credible primary sourcesa? does not meet the necessary standard of detail.

A statement such as:
a?The necessary information and data for demonstrating this PO is expected to be obtained from the airplane manufactureras certified emergency procedures, from Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 91, 121, and 135, and from available private, on-demand, and commercial carriersa Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).a? Does provide sufficient detail to show a demonstrated detail.

Revisit to POs, and where there is generic sources such as Peer-reviewed, primary and secondary articles and publications, or web sites, identify specifics such as the sample listed above, then resubmit, and you should be good to go.