Uture of Project Management Team Performance

Write a 2000 word briefing paper for the senior management of your company on five future developments in project management team performance over the next five years.
You should include a section of up to 500 words, which summarises current project team performance. Only provide detail that will be affected by future developments, e.g. if you think that the development of social media will impact your team you should explain how they currently communicate or if you think that you will use more contractors then you should explain how the work effort is currently distributed.
1) This should be written ENGLISH UK only. No grammatical mistakes please.
2) Make sure it is ONLY Harvard referencing style used.
3) future-leaders-will-need-to-change-the-way-they-manage-their-teams.aspx
This like is superficial but might give you some ideas about what you want to focus on in the assignment.
4) Please choose a company that you can write GOOD future plans for .
5) I will attach powerpoint slides that you need to look at to have a good idea about what this project EXACTLY needs.