VS company wants to know if they should buy Coinstar

This is what I need as far as pages, Please do not include any title page (all I need is content:

Next, provide a financial summary of both firms (CVS & Coinstar) and discuss the financial fit of among the firms. Include recent trends (3 years) from both the income statement and balance sheet (i.e. Debt/Equity ratio, current ratio, net income, revenue, stock price). (About 3 pages)

ECONOMIC AND STRATEGIC TRAITS OF THE INDUSTRIES AND COMPANIES a For both firms CVS and Coinstar) exam industry factors such as market size, market growth rate, as well as the dominant strategies used by each company to determine if the acquisition makes sense. ( About 3 pages)

SWOT ANALYSIS identify the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each firm and discuss how well each firmas SWOT fit with each other. (2 pages).

RECOMMENDATION Do you recommend that your firm acquire the target company? Utilize the above analyses to defend your recommendation. Make sure you are discussing both financial and strategic compatibility so potential synergy should be discussed as well as an estimate of the cost to acquire (provide this even if you recommend not to acquire). (2 pages)

REFERENCES Please provide all references in MLA style (1 page)