War in Iraq a just or unjust war? (ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY)


a? The paper will include at least 10 major sources drawn mainly from scholarly books and journal articles. Internet sources and textbook can be used but cannot be counted as major sources. While plenty of information is available on the internet, most of them are not reliable and cannot be accepted. Check with the instructor if there is any doubt about the source.

Citing Sources:

a? Students will include at least 20-25 citations in their paper.

a? Whenever students use and/or copy the ideas or opinions written/expressed by others, they will include proper references.

a? They will document their assertions with specific references by using in-text (or parenthetical) citations. They will use APA style of citation and be consistent.

a? If they use any website for reference, they will provide a brief citation within the text and include the URL and the date of visit to the website in the reference section. No Wikipedia citations please!

a? They will avoid using too many direct quotations.

a? Failure to follow these steps would result in a failing grade for the essay. In addition, it could be considered a case of plagiarism. Consult the reference desk at the library and the writing centre at the University for proper guidelines and valuable assistance that will be useful in writing a good term paper.

General Guideline on What to Do:

a? The paper will mainly contain a clear argument or thesis, strong analysis supported by evidence, and forceful conclusion. An argument requires two elements: dependent and independent variables. Dependent variable is the position student takes on the subject matter and the independent variables are explaining factors or supporting evidence he/she will use in their paper to substantiate their claim.

a? In subsequent paragraphs, students will explain the independent variables or supporting evidence or factors/reasons outlined in their central argument and demonstrate how these factors/reasons are related to their main argument or dependent variable.

a? If students are working on an idea or a topic and feel that it has strengths and weaknesses both, they will take a position and explain its strengths (or weaknesses) only. While they are explaining their position on an idea, they will acknowledge the other side of the argument briefly in a paragraph or so before the concluding part.

a? In the concluding part of the paper, students will briefly summarize their explanations and reinforce their position. At this point, they may include some relevant suggestions or recommendations to make their argument more appealing, but it is not mandatory.