What is the democratic peace theory? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

use these books please:

Art, R & Jervis, R 2005 International Politics 327.1

Baylis, J & Smith, S 2010 The globalization of world politics, 5th Ed.
Note: earlier editions are OK, but all references in the handbook are to this edition 327.101

Beeson, M & Bisley, N
2010 Issues in twenty-first century world politics: 327
A. Plagiarised Essays are failed (0%). All quotations from other sources must be in a?quotation marksa?, or this will be treated as plagiarism.

B. Essays that primarily consist of other writersa words are failed (even if these writers are properly referenced).The essay must consist primarily of your own words: You can use lots of quotes to illustrate your points, but keep quotes to 40 words max, and copy them accurately.

C. Essays without in-text references are failed (0%):
All sources of information must be accurately cited with in-text references like this (Smith, 2007: 4).

Also, a full bibliography (an alphabetical list of sources) must be provided at the end.

D. Essays should use the with caution for academic articles, newspaper articles and official reports, to supplement academic texts, not replace them. Many online sources are not academically acceptable. Avoid using internet sources if you canat cite them by author or organization. If in doubt about a site, donat use it.
and follow these instructions above please.