What qualities or unique characteristics do you posses that will allow you to contribute to the ucf community?

Always seeing the glass half full is what shows my positive outlook on life. My honesty and trustworthiness would be a tremendous contribution to the UCF community. I am easy to get along with and care about others opinions or views. I can contribute to the UCF community my experience of working with others as a united team. With that being said, I am always a leader. When I have a strong opinion about an idea, I will stick to it. From group projects in school to making my own weekend plans, I make my own independence choices. I do whatever it takes to get the job done and never miss deadline dates. I never sit back and let opportunities slide out underneath my nose. For example, I try my best to join and attend clubs that interest me at my high school. In addition, I would love to contribute to all the incredible hands on activities that UCF has to offer. I would be honored to contribute my unique qualities and characteristics to the UCF community.