Why might the rapid expansion of trade and foreign direct investment in the Asia Pacific be the main driver of economic change in the Asia Pacific?

AVOID Plagiarism ! and need full Bibliography and references.
must be at least 2000 words . thank you

Academic journals you should consult are:
Asia Pacific Business Review
Journal of Asia Pacific Management
World Development
Journal of World Business
International Journal of Human Resource Management
China Quarterly
Journal of International Business Studies

You are also advised to consult the Financial Times or the Asian Wall Street Journal, and the more in-depth journalism to be found in the Far Eastern Economic Review, the Economist and Asia Business Week.

This guide sets out the Harvard system of referencing to be used in essays submitted. It is important to reference published material that you wish to use in your essay. While referencing is a standard that is used to avoid plagiarism it also supports a strong scientific method. To build arguments and provide evidence you must reference any published resources you use. The spirit of referencing is embodied in Newtonas famous 1676 quote, a?If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giantsa. It means that Newtonas great discoveries were made by building on the previous work of scientists. This reference guide sets out how to reference other authorsa work properly.
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A note on paraphrasing and quoting: Quotes are direct transcriptions of text from other sources while paraphrasing uses your own words to express othersa ideas. You should attempt to paraphrase where possible and only use quotes sparingly and strategically. Both paraphrasing and quoting require referencing, and quotes must refer to the page number from which they were taken (see Books).