Wod memo on the show The Big BAng Thoeryepisode The luminous fish effect”

Writing Situation: Imagine that you have been hired as a consultant for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Memphis to help them evaluate materials that would help children ages 14 to 16 develope skills at understanding and maintaining supportive friendships. The agency is considering buying one episode of a television program that they can show to the children and then discuss with them.

* Use a memo format, like this assignment sheet. Single space between paragraphs and double space between them. Use headings to seperate information!
*Put your overall recomendation first, along with the source information about the episode. This is known as Frontloading”.
* Use seperate sections for the Criteria, Summary, evaluations, and reccomendation (second one).

Grading Criteria:
1.) This memo is frontloaded with your overall recommendation and the source information information about the episode. Which should look like this…… The Big Bang Theory”, The Luminous Fish Effect (underlined). Aired October 15, 2007 CBS. DVD Distributed by Warner Brothers Company 2008. That should be your frontload. (0-10)pts
2.) The criteria and the reasons they are important are clearly stated.(0-30) pts
The 3 criteria you MUST use are Loyalty, Honesty, and a Clear knowledge of the differnce between right and wrong. Use only those 3 criteria!!
3.) There is clearly stated judgement for each criterion (i gave you), supported by evidence, and an overall recommendation. (0-30) pts
4.) There is a brief summary of the particular episode. (0-6) pts
5.) The language and tone of the paper are appropiate for its audience and it is organized logically. (0-6) pts
6.) The paper is free of grammatical mistakes and misspelled words. (0-10) pts
7.) The paper is formated correctly. (0-8) pts