Word/ 1-page response to the reading

By Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 5 p.m., Id like you to write a 250-word/ 1-page response to the reading. Please do NOT attach your response. Write it directly into the discussion thread (LOCATED in Discussions WEEK ONE). Your responses should be crafted in a manner that is creative, thoughtful and replete with specifics. Do quote. Do not generalize. Use what you learn in your TEXTBOOK. I will be looking for evidence of the They Say,and the I Say.”

Here are some questions you may, or may not choose to address:

Do you interpret DFWs speech as optimistic? Pessimistic? Realistic? Why?
What is the central idea and how has the author structured the piece to reflect that idea? What is the meaning and/ or purpose of DFWs speech?
If you were a parent of a graduate of Kenyon College, how might you feel having sat through this speech? If you were a student (wait! you are a student!), how might you feel? Why?
What aspects of the piece do you find most interesting? Most confusing? Why?
Do you relate, as a reader, to the writer? Why or why not?
As Ive written above: Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be specific. And USE THE TEXTBOOKi??
The textbook is They Say / I Say with Readings, 2nd Edition, edited by Graff, Birkenstein, and Durst (Please note the text is available without readings as well, and looks similar, although it is…BLUE. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS COPY. You want the PINK copy!)