Word analytical essay on CARING ( TITLE OF ESSAY IS CARING )

TITLE : CARING (2500 word analytical essay )
Define caring. comment on the significance of the definitions or
argue around 2 or 3 definitions about caring.

patient perception about caring
professional perception
what society says about caring
ethical and spiritual issues in caring
the personal and professional strengths necessary in order to care
as well as summary and conclusions
Harvard referencing
word count.

1.Barnum,Barbara Stevens.1998 Nursing Theory:Analysis,Application,Evaluation.5th edition
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The aim of the essay is to demonstrate knowledge,understanding and critical evaluation of the subject in the context of nursing practice.
The essay must include:
1. evaluation of the published literature on the chosen subject.
2. analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary arguments in the subject area.
3. consideration of the contribution this literature makes to nursing practice.
please include clear evidence of discussion and analysis
reference to either clinical practice in general or your own practice. These should not be anecdotal,reflective accounts from practice,and therefore should not be written in the first person.
Harvard system