Word annotated knowlege database (Knowlege Work in Healthcare Practice)

Assignment needs to:
1. Critically analyse key theories of knowledge production.
2. Examine the social construction of knowledge.
3. Critically determine key healthcare knowledge frameworks, eg. NSFs, KSFs, Govt, Policies, etc., in relation to the area of practice related to older people in hospital or care home settings.
4. Appraise the essential components of personal practice-specific knowledge base.

Possible structure:
Introduction (approx.1500 words). Where does knowledge come from? What gets privileged and why? What kind of knowledge flourishes in present society?
Healthcare Application (approx.1500 words). What drives forward knowledge production in healthcare and why? Eg. efficiency gains, expert patient agenda, self care, privatisation, etc.
Which frameworks are most relevant in the area of care for older people?
Annotated Database (approx.1500 words). What sources have you included in the area of care for older people? Why have these sources been chosen?
Conlusion (500-1000 words). How has your world view of the Knowledge Society influenced and been influenced by wider contextual matters as described?
Given my personal practice area of care for older people (however broad) what kind of information and knowledge needs will drive forward future practice?
How will you accommodate new ideas or at least be receptive to these changes?

Around 20-24 references required (Harvard style)