Word case history nursing care of COPD patient for diploma

Assessment: 5000 word case history
Case study should analyse the holistic care delivered to a patient selected from my portfolio, using a pseudonym to preserve confidentiality. Within this assignment the practitioner will focus on a specific patient with COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.Ensuring confidentiality and supporting the work with the relevant literature and research findings, the student will: Outline the signs and symptoms the patient was experiencing and relate this to physiology and pathophysiology to explain the changes which occured and explore the contributory factors. Analyse the management of the patient, utilising supporting literature, research and guidelines to examine how effective the practice was in: 1. interpretation of the patient history and investigations to comprehensively assess the patient , rule out differential diagnosis, plan and implement appropriate patient care 2.Treating the condition and preventing or reducing physical or psychosocial complications.3. Pertinent utilisation of the multidisciplinary team. Any ethical legal or moral issues should be suitably addressed Harvard referencing system Statement must be included at the beginning stating i certify that confidentiality has been maintained by the use of pseudonyms.

My role is as a primary care nurse for the last 12 years, deprived population with high number of patients with chronic diseases. Smoking cessation would be a good topic to focus on, have my own support to stop nurse trained specifically.