Word descriptive essay explaining why i want to attend Claflin university and my future goals within the next 5 years.

I want this paper to be a detailed application admission essay explaining in great detail why i want to go to Claflin university, and what are my plans within the next 5 years. This is an historically african american school and it also has a human perfomance /recreation program that i want to attend their school for. The essay aslo has to state why i didnt attend college right after school and why i want to attend now. I completed a nursing assistant program my senior year of highschool and graduated in the summer of 2010 from dixon highschool, as soon as a graduted i had to start working to help out my family becuse there was a death my grandfather died of cancer, and my dad lost his job so i had to help out with bills. things are better for me now and im ready to attend school and be serious and focused with no distractions. i attended sacramento medical training vocational school for my nurse assistant certification. please include all my hardship in the essay and how i plan to overcome it by going to school and becoming and occupational therapits. this essay has to be 500 words in MLA format.