Word essay based on a given case study

The Assessment Criteria is based on the ModuleA Learning Outcomes:
1.A Critically appraise the discourses that surround the role of education within cultural organisations and culture within education in order to present a suitable rationale for your proposal;
2.A Evaluate the importance of leadership in developing quality education and learning in the cultural sector and identify examples of good practice
3.A Evaluate and synthesise the differing perspectives on education provision from different stakeholders including Government, teachers, parents, artists and communities
4.A Demonstrate a critical awareness of the complexity and diversity of creative interpretations of art forms and art productsA 
5. Clearly present your ideas and suggestions in writing giving the rationale and evidence to support these ideas based on the critical evaluation of at least 2 case studies from within the sector
6. Provide a bibliography and correctly cite references

Referencing Requirements:
High Arctic: /uk/big-dance-pledge/
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