Word essay Critically compare and contrast jungian therapy versus person centred counselling

A Big Hello to you the writer,
Critically evaluate Jungian Therapeutic Model of counselling and compare that with the Person Centred Counselling approach, showing an understanding of the appropriateness of this model used in differing situations that may help clients. Can a counsellor remain person centred but use jungian therapy?
Essay to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
1, The application of theory and their relevence to practice
2, The coexistance of differing therapeutic model
3, contextual, analytical and explanatory understanding of the appropriateness of differing model used in differing situations
4, Compare and analyse the use of therapeutic model through the use of secondary sources of information ( Harvard referencing and bibliography, if possible, direct quotes harvard referenced)
5, Evaluate the use of multi-disciplinary methods through the use of primary and secondary research
6, Produce reasoned arguments, justifying conclusions and recommendations regarding the use oftherapeutic model within differing situations. Many Thanks for all your help.