Word essay critically evaluating The Health of the Nation White Paper 1992

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This essay needs to include: Analysis of policy, looking at policy in general terms, why was policy implemented at the time, how it aligned with Government policy at the time, analyse the impact, did it achieve what it intended or has it been dropped or developed? Was there any opposition to the policy.

Things to also include: analyse antecedents, implementation and evaluate its effectiveness.

Criticisms: lack of reference to social structure and social inequalities as cause of ill health.

Books and sites needed:

perspect-eng.pdf LaLonde report p6

A National Health Service. Mohan, J 1st Edition. p41 and p50

Health Policy and the NHS. Allsop, J 2nd Edition, P3-14 p231-232 p235

Tackling Health Inequalities. Benzeval, M. Judge, K and Whitehead, M 1st Edition, p114 and p47

Health and the National Health Service. Carrier, J and Kendall, I 1st Edition, p347

Health Promotion Models and Values. Downie, R.S, Tannahill, C and Tannahill, A, 2nd Edition p67

In the best of health? Edited by Beck, E, Lonsdale, S, Newman, S and Patterson, D. 1st edition. p40 and p46

The New Politics of the NHS. Klein, R 4th Edition p173 p178-179

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The Health of the Nation White Paper A consultation Document for Health in Britain. HMSO

Thank you very much.