Word essay evaluating a research proposal

The essay will be marked against the following intended outcomes:

1Knowledge and Understanding.
– Recognise the assumptions and premises lying behind different approaches to enquiry and diverse conceptions of evidence.
– Analyse the way approaches to enquiry relate to wider societal and philosophical questions.
– Discuss the underpinning key strategic assumptions, including conceptual,qualitative , quantitative critical historical and mixed-method approaches to educational enquiry.

2skills and other attributes.

aSubject-specific skills.
Critically evaluate the research of others across a range of empirical and conceptual approaches.
Draw appropriate, authorised and well-justified conclusions
Understand the presentation of educational enquiry in a clear and concise manner.

bIntellectual skills.
– Understand the wider significance of enquiry procedures.
– Make decision regarding the appropriate enquiry strategy for a given projects and context.
– Describe the process of ensuring that chosen strategy of enquiry fits the question/topic under investigation.
– Understand and solve problems that arise in the course of data collection and analysis and during conventional enquiry process.

cTransferable/key skills.
– Employ standard conventions for citation and referencing consistently whilst avoiding plagiarism.
– Analyse the form and application of research based evidence for educational practice and policy.

Please I want the essay to be organised in paragraphs, there should be at the end of the introduction a structures statement such as :
This essay will do this and this etc.
just to give the reader overview about what you are going to talk about in the essay

i will dawnload the research proposal in which 3000 word essay will be based on
please allocate some one who has good background about research