Word essay: Explaining the relevance and importance of mentoring and counselling roles in the workplace.

When writing this essay, you must firstly provide a clear definition of your understanding of both the mentoring and counselling roles, making use of relevant theory to help you do this. You need to also explain the relevance and importance of these roles in the workplace. Ensure that you give clear examples and make reference to specific experiences.

You can draw on your experiences of mentoring and counselling friends, relatives or from when you were mentored or counselled etc to help you discuss the relevance of these skills in a work related context.

Explain what is involved in the mentoring and counselling process and in what context they would take place at work. You should also discuss the outcome of poor as well as good mentoring and counselling giving examples where appropriate.

Remember to:

a? Include a clear introduction to this essay
a? Ensure that your work is well presented
a? Check grammatical and spelling errors before submitting your work
a? Ensure that the module code, module name, name of your tutor, and your student name and number is included on the work