Word essay subject PDAS 301 Organisations, People and Administration (PART 2)

This is basically part 2 of

Subject:PDAS 301 Organisations, People and Administration

Assignment 2
Weight: 60%
Length: 3000 words

Investigate the theories that have evolved regarding one stimulus statement below. Use your organisation as a case study to analyse the theory in light of the reality of organisational life.

Choose ONE of the following to do the paper on.

Conflict in organisations is now seen as inevitable, endemic and often legitimate (Owens, 1995, p. 245).
Leadership is seen as the most potent force in stimulating and maintaining staff cohesiveness and improving productivity in an organisation.
Significant knowledge of Group Dynamics will assist managers and organisation leaders to obtain maximum effort from their staff.
Communication is the life blood of an organisation. Without effective communication, the organisation cannot function efficiently.

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