Word essay.With works cited page. See instructions below

Explain how the supernaturalist view is found in the civilizations. Emphasize how the art, paintings,sculpture, literature, architecture, reinforces our understanding of these cultures perspectives.(Supernaturalistthe belief that the features of reality are completely dependent and explainable thru the direct actions and will of some divine, super human forces).
Over Prehistory and Ancient civilizations. Like, Hammarubi,the ten commandments, Egypt, Paleolithic,Neolithic,Mesolithic. The Megaliths of Northern Europe, The Anasazi and the Role of Myth. The Hebrews, Neo-Babylonia, Sumerian Ur, Akkad.The Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Book of Job.Egyption Cultures, the middle Kingdom of Thebes. The new Kingdom. Early Chinese Culture, Imperial China, Ancient India, Ancient Africa.