Word literature review focusing on one area of sport.

The review must conclude with a research question relating to the chosen sport.
To find out what is already known about the subject and identify gaps in the knowledge. To describe how the studies contribute to existing knowledge of a topic area. To avoid duplicating other peoples work. to offer the opptunity to explore a topic area in a different way.
What is a literature review?
A comprehensive exploration of the pertinent and valid papers related to the chosen area. Details of the methods and results of the studies included should be presented in a critical manner. You should assess publications in relation to whether there is a clear statement of the problem , whether it can be answered with empirical data, whether anyreviews included are comprehensive and up-to-date and weather they logically and critically evaluate the literature, whether the hypotheses are clear and in relation to original research. Donot simply describe what has been said. you need to prove that you recognise the key issues and have read much of the related research. A literature review is not an essay on your chosen topic. it is an exploration of what the literature has to say about your chosen topic. You need to justify your chosen area in terms of its relationship to the field of sport and excercise (a subjective justification is not enough). Your critical reading around your chosen topic should both encourage a questioning stance and alert you to areas as yet unexplored. The research question should reflect one of these unexplored areas.